10 Lines On Asian Elephant In English For Students

  1. The largest terrestrial mammal on the Asian continent is the Asian elephant. 
  2. They live in grasslands and forests ranging from dry to wet in 13 range countries across South and Southeast Asia. 
  3. Asian elephants have evolved to survive on resources that differ depending on the region, despite preferring to feed on plants.
  4. Asian elephants create social groups of six to seven related females, with the oldest female, known as the matriarch, serving as the group’s leader. 
  5. These herds periodically band together to form larger herds, much like African elephants do, although these unions are usually very temporary. 
  6. Elephant herd sizes in Asia are far smaller than those of African savannah elephants.
  7. An elephant may spend more than two thirds of its day eating grasses, but it also consumes a significant quantity of tree bark, roots, leaves, and short stems. 
  8. Bananas, rice, and sugarcane are common agricultural products. 
  9.  Elephants are always close to a source of fresh water because they need to drink at least once a day.
  10. In Asia, humans have had close associations with elephants over many centuries, and elephants have become important cultural icons.