10 Lines On Asia In English For Students

  1. According to the UN, Asia is home to 49 nations.
  2. The right column of this page contains a list of the top 10 nations.
  3. Russia and Turkey are two Asian nations that also have land that extends into continental Europe.
  4. The State of Palestine and the Republic of China/Taiwan and various dependencies are two other nations that only have a restricted degree of international recognition.
  5. On the continent, there are more than 4.7 billion people. (2022) The continent with the most people is Asia.
  6. The largest continent on Earth, both in terms of physical size and people, is Asia.
  7. 49 nations that are part of the United Nations are located on the Asian continent.
  8. Asian nations are primarily found in the eastern and northern hemispheres.
  9. The majority of tropical storms also form in South-East Asia’s tropical regions. 
  10. Most cyclones occur in the Philippines and in the region south of Japan.