10 Lines On Ashoka In English For Students

1) The word Ashoka means “free from all the griefs,” with “A” standing for “free” and “Shoka” for “heartache” or “sorrow.”
2) Around 304 BCE, Ashoka was born in Pataliputra (modern-day Patna).
3) The parents of Ashoka The Great were King Bindusara and Queen Subhadrangi.
4) He was Chandragupta Maurya’s grandson, who established the Mauryan Dynasty.
5) The only Indian ruler to be given the title “Chakrawarti Samrat” was Ashoka.
6) In the eighth year of his rajaship, Chakravarti Ashoka conquered the Kalinga State.
7) He changed his religion to Buddhism following the Kalinga War.
8) From 273 to 232 BCE, Ashoka The Great ruled India.
9) Ashoka is credited with creating both “The National Emblem” and “The Ashoka Chakra.”
10) The Great Ashoka is thought to have passed away at Taxila around 232 BCE.