10 Lines On Ashoka Chakra In English For Students

1) In India, the Ashoka Chakra is regarded as a military medal.
2) It is recognised as the country’s highest honour during peacetime.
3) This prize was first presented on January 4th, 1952.
4) People receive it in recognition of their valiant deeds.
5) The brave acts do not include bravery in battle.
6) Both military personnel and civilians may receive this honour.
7) The first recipients of the Ashoka Chakra were flying Lieutenant Suhas Biswas, Havildar Bachittar Singh, and Naik Narbahadur Thapa.
8) 6 persons have already received Ashoka Chakra awards as of 2021.
9) Ashoka Chakras are also given to deceased individuals.
10) Ashoka Chakra has bestowed posthumous awards on 68 individuals.