10 Lines On Artist In English For Students

  1. A person who creates art is called an artist. 
  2. A person who practices the arts and creates artistic works is called an artist. 
  3. An artist is a person with a unique sensibility for producing a piece or activity. 
  4. The activities that an artist engages in on their own are not specifically categorized. 
  5. This phrase is most frequently used to describe individuals and “high culture” activities.
  6. Drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, cinematography, photography, and music are a few examples of this. 
  7. Even if their work is not considered to be art, a person who excels at it may occasionally be referred to as an artist. 
  8. An artist can be a scientist or a mathematician. 
  9. A person who is an artist is able to express their ideas, perspectives, and feelings on a canvas, a piece of paper, or both. 
  10. An artist is a dreamer, a poet, a speaker, and someone with the sensibility required to help us perceive the world from their perspective.