10 Lines On Army In English For Students

1) The Army, Navy, and Air Force make up the three components of the Indian Defense Forces.
2) The Indian Army is well-known for being a symbol of bravery.
3) The Indian Army has a lengthy, illustrious history that is rich in conquests of adversaries.
4) The Indian Army is dedicated to defending the nation against land-based attacks by hostile forces.
5) The Indian Army assists other organisations in a variety of military missions.
6) It additionally saves individuals from natural disasters that happen anywhere in India.
7) The Indian Army participated in World War I while it was still a part of the British Empire.
8) The Indian Army has fought and won the majority of wars since gaining independence.
9) Whether it was the Kashmir War, the India-China Conflict, the 1965, 1971, or Kargil Wars, the Indian Army consistently displayed its valour and loyalty.
10) The “Military Intelligence” or MI branch of the Indian Army is a separate intelligence organisation.