10 Lines On Army Day In English For Students

1) In honour of Lt. General KM Cariappa, India’s first army chief, Army Day is observed annually on January 15th.
2) Army Day is observed to honour the warriors who give their lives in defence of us.
3) The 71st Army Day in India was observed at New Delhi on January 15, 2019.
4) Every army command headquarters in India observes Army Day by honouring fallen soldiers.
5) The Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate serves as the opening ceremony for the Army Day celebration in the nation’s capital, New Delhi.
6) A parade highlighting army technology and accomplishments is conducted.
7) On Army Day, medals for bravery are given to soldiers in recognition of their courage and selflessness.
8) On the occasion of Army Day, a variety of events are also held, including painting, photography, and slogan writing contests.
9) India celebrates Army Day on January 15th, the day a British general transferred control of the army to an Indian citizen.
10) For the first time in Indian Army history, Lt. Bhawana Kasturi oversaw the 2019 Army Day Parade, which included 144 male officers.