10 Lines On Arjun In English For Students

  1. One of the five brothers featured in the Mahabharata epic was named Arjuna. 
  2. He was a brother of Yudhistara
  3. He was conceived with the power of Indra, the supreme god, and born to a queen and a king. 
  4. He received praise for his genuineness and archery prowess at a very young age.
  5.  He was renowned for his resolve and focus in achieving his objectives. 
  6. He played a key role in helping himself and his siblings win a princess as their joint spouse in a competition.
  7.  Additionally, he wed Krishna’s sister and his elder brother and had a lifelong connection with both of them.
  8.  For the rest of his life, Lord Krishna served as his mentor and compass. 
  9. He married a snake princess and a princess even after two wives.
  10. He had a daughter and four sons.