10 Lines On Arijit Singh In English For Students

  1. One of India’s most popular and well-known singers is Arijit Singh.
  2. He finished in the top six of the Fame Gurukul reality singing competition in 2005, and he then went on to work as Pritam’s assistant.
  3. By conjuring unforgettable notes for impressionable hearts, Arijit Singh, recognised for his deep voice that reverberates with love tunes, is pioneering new territory in the music business.
  4. Arijit was born in Murshidabad, Jiaganj, West Bengal, India, on April 25, 1987.
  5. Before pursuing his education further at Shripat Singh College, Arijit Singh graduated from his hometown’s Raja Vijay Singh High School.
  6. After finishing his undergraduate studies, Arijit was awarded a bachelor’s degree.
  7. Arijit chose to focus on singing above academics. He was uninterested in his academics as a result.
  8. Music lovers and gifted singers crowded into Arijit’s home.
  9. His mother was a good tabla musician and both his mother and grandmother were superb singers.
  10. Arijit was so greatly impacted by the musical atmosphere at home that he decided to pursue a career in music as well.