10 Lines On Arfa Karim In English For Students

  1. Arfa Karim Randhawa is a young woman who was born in 1995 in Faisalabad, Pakistan.
  2. When she first came across a computer at her classroom, she was just five years old.
  3. She was so fascinated by it that she insisted her father, who had previously worked for the UN peacekeeping team, purchase her a computer.
  4. Her father fulfilled her wish by purchasing her a computer.
  5. Her father chose to register her at an IT education and training centre close to their Faisalabad house after noticing her amazing computer skills.
  6. She picked things up quickly and did well in the institute.
  7. The management of the school advised her father to pursue her Microsoft certification because she was qualified for it.
  8. She successfully passed the Microsoft certification exam in 2004 
  9. At the age of nine, became the youngest-ever Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) after a few months of intensive study during the summer vacation.
  10. Bill Gates praised her confidence and expressed his admiration for her intelligence.