10 Lines On Arctic Ocean In English For Students

  1. One of the five oceans in the globe is the Arctic Ocean.
  2. North America, Eurasia, and the Arctic Ocean all share a border with the Arctic.
  3. There are six nations that share an arctic ocean boundary. Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and the United States of America are those nations.
  4. Of the five major oceans, the Arctic Ocean has the lowest salt levels. This is caused by the Arctic Ocean’s high freshwater input and low evaporation rate.
  5. The Arctic Ocean contains 160.7 million mi3 of water overall.
  6. 1.4% of the ocean water in the globe is found in the Arctic Ocean.
  7. Of the five oceans, the Arctic Ocean is the smallest.
  8. The Arctic Ocean has a surface area of 6 million mi2.
  9. The Arctic Ocean is 3,953 feet deep on average.
  10. In the Fram Strait, the Arctic Ocean’s deepest point is located at 18,210 feet.