10 Lines On Archimedes In English For Students

  1. Archimedes is a Greek astronomer, physicist, and mathematician Archimedes.
  2. The interpretation of the physics theories of hydrostatics, statics, and levers was developed by Archimedes.
  3. In the study of water, it is investigated under what circumstances a fluid maintains its calmness because it is in mechanical equilibrium.
  4. Large ships can only be propelled over water using the hydrostatics principle.
  5. It is said that Archimedes invented new machines.
  6. In his day, Archimedes was a very well-liked scientist.
  7. He was born in Syracuse, Sicily, some 287 years ago.
  8. Many mathematical concepts were defined by him.
  9. Archimedes demonstrated that a sphere’s volume and surface area are equivalent to a cylinder’s two-thirds.
  10. He was killed by a soldier in 212 BC, and at Archimedes’ request, a sphere and a cylinder were set on his tomb.