10 Lines On Archery In English For Students

  1. Both healthy and impaired people can practise archery.
  2. Even those with the most severe disabilities, such as the blind, can participate when using appropriate tactile equipment.
  3. In addition to some physical strength, archers also need to be mentally healthy, and they hone their concentration, focus, and flexibility skills.
  4. If you just want to play for fun, archery can be a cheap sport.
  5. However, the cost might go up and it takes a lot of commitment and effort if you want to compete.
  6. You can borrow equipment from several archery shops while taking lessons from them.
  7. For a recreational archer, enjoyment comes first.
  8. The archer must keep in mind to put their own development before worrying about what others are doing. In light of this, archery becomes much more enjoyable.
  9. Children benefit much from archery since it teaches them the virtues of patience.
  10. A decent standard requires a lot of work, and it cannot be attained without perseverance and commitment.