10 Lines On Aquatic Plants In English For Students

  1. A plant that lives and develops in water is referred to as an aquatic plant.
  2. They can be discovered in both freshwater and saltwater. 
  3. For example, you can find them in lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans, and more.
  4. Aquatic plants have traits that terrestrial plants do not, much like how aquatic animals have distinctive traits.
  5. These aquatic plants are commonly referred to as “submerged macrophytes.” It is crucial to comprehend their significance.
  6. Even though we might not notice them in our daily lives, they are nevertheless quite important. 
  7. They play a significant role in aquatic ecology.
  8. They also help the animal species that live underwater by providing oxygen. For their metabolic processes, it is crucial.
  9. Additionally, they provide food to a few species of aquatic creatures. 
  10. For instance, freshwater pond surfaces with algae are consumed by turtles.