10 Lines On Aquatic Habitats In English For Students

1) Animals can survive and reproduce in aquatic habitats such as rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans.
2) “Aquaculture” is the practise of raising fish, algae, and other creatures for human consumption as well as for commercial purposes.
3) Aquaculture accounts for almost 50% of the production and rearing of aquatic animals for human consumption.
4) In the “Asia-Pacific Region,” 90% of aquatic animals are raised for food.
5) Because of how vulnerable their ecosystem is, aquatic species are considerably more likely to go extinct.
6) The aquatic life is facing a number of difficulties as a result of the increase in the production, trading, and consumption of aquatic species.
7) Both the environment and the existence of the human race depend heavily on aquatic biodiversity.
8) The aquatic animals are a major source of food and a means of subsistence for people who live in coastal locations.
9) In recent years, pollution from oil refineries, industrial waste sites, and global warming has severely harmed aquatic habitat.
10) The world’s communities have made numerous efforts to protect aquatic wildlife.