10 Lines On Apes In English For Students

1) Apes are animals that fall under the categorization of a gorilla or a “Primate” without a tail.
2)  Apes belong to the primate family of monkeys, which are distinguished by their large brains, hands, and feet.
3)  Apes can be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa, Cameroon, and other regions of Africa.
4)  Apes also have body fur that is either black or grey in colour.
5)  Apes stand about 6 feet tall, which is the same height as a tall person.
6)  Apes occasionally walk on all four of their limbs and have two arms that are longer than their legs.
7)  Apes are herbivores, which means they consume plants, vegetables, fruits, etc.
8) Apes consume a lot of food; they can consume up to 29 kg each day.
9) Apes hardly ever drink water; instead, they obtain it from the food they consume.
10) The majority of the world’s Apes species are merely five in number.