10 Lines Essay On Anushasan In English For Students

  1. Parents lay the first foundation for discipline in a person’s life, which results in the development of the discipline-following habit in the individual.
  2. Discipline is defined as working on time, showing respect for elders, following a routine, and avoiding bad habits.
  3. Anu and governance are the two words that make up discipline. 
  4. The word discipline was first formed from the prefix anu, which is related to governance, What This Means Is To Live By Any Rule Or The Rule Of Rules.
  5. Our lives require a lot of discipline because it helps us develop our character and become punctual.
  6. If You Understand Discipline In Simple Terms, Then Following The Rules Created So That It Can Be Completed Correctly And Successfully Is Doing Any Work.
  7. Each area of life has a different method of operation, which means that the discipline we must adhere to is also different.
  8. Motorcycles operate on the premise that they can only move forward when a gear is inserted. It will run on its own accord if we also drive by engaging the gears in accordance with its rules.
  9. A person can contribute to the welfare of society with discipline by cultivating a positive reputation.
  10. Our intelligence grows with discipline. Which Helps Us Better Understand Its Result By Analyzing Our Good, Bad, Right, and Wrong.