10 Lines On Antivirus In English For Students

  1. A type of software called antivirus is used to stop, scan for, find, and remove viruses from a computer.
  2. Most antivirus programmes run automatically in the background after installation to offer real-time protection against virus attacks.
  3. Comprehensive virus protection systems can provide extra security features like customised firewalls and website blocking in addition to helping to safeguard your files and hardware from malware like worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.
  4. A software application called antivirus is created to defend a system from internal virus infections.
  5. It locates and fixes any computer system flaws that are discovered.
  6. An antivirus’s primary job is to scan for, find, stop, and eliminate any existential threat to the computer system.
  7. People design computer viruses to take over computers and utilise them for specific purposes, such as stealing sensitive or confidential data. 
  8. An antivirus application is a tool that detects and eliminates computer viruses.
  9. The user might not even be aware that the virus is present in the computer because this process can happen so swiftly.
  10. Pen drives are a common form of removable media where computer infections are propagated.