10 Lines On Antarctica In English For Students

  1. The driest regions on earth are in Antarctica’s Dry Valleys. 
  2. This area of the continent has so low humidity and moisture levels that snow and ice cannot even begin to form, leaving the valleys as little more than a dusty expanse of dirt.
  3. The windiest spot on earth, on average, is Antarctica.
  4.  Wind speeds of up to 200 mph have been recorded by scientists studying this southerly landmass.
  5. The Antarctic Ice Sheet, which can occasionally reach a thickness of four miles, is the world’s largest single mass of ice. 
  6. Around 90% of the freshwater ice on the planet and roughly 70% of all the fresh water on earth are found in the continent as a whole.
  7. According to scientists, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s melting would result in a 16-foot rise in sea levels worldwide.
  8. The Ross Ice Shelf, the largest ice shelf ever found, is a floating tongue of ice that extends off the main landmass of the continent. Its area is more than 510,000 square kilometres.
  9. Despite being entirely covered in ice, Antarctica is home to the Gamburtsev Mountains, one of the world’s largest mountain ranges, which stretches for more than 1200 kilometres.
  10. Lake Vostok, a freshwater lake that is submerged under 4 kilometres of frozen water, is another intriguing geographic feature that is concealed beneath the ice sheet.