10 Lines On Anil Kumble In English For Students

  1. Former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble serves as the team’s head coach at the moment.
  2. On October 17, 1970, in Bangalore, Karnataka, Anil Kumble was born.
  3. From 1990 until 2008, Anil Kumble was a member of the Indian national squad.
  4. Anil Kumble now holds the record for India’s most wickets in both ODI and Test cricket.
  5. Only Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne have taken more wickets internationally than Anil Kumble.
  6. Anil Kumble earned the nickname “Jumbo” because of his exceptional ability to make the ball bounce.
  7. Anil Kumble’s average as a batsman was quite low, but he is renowned for his perseverance as a bowler. 
  8. Anil Kumble is now one of India’s top spinners thanks to his bowling prowess. 
  9. In 2008, Anil Kumble declared his departure from international cricket.
  10. Anil Kumble participated in the IPL as a player and a coach.