10 Lines On Anant Chaturdashi In English For Students

  1. Ten days after Ganesh Chaturthi, on the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight, is Anant Chaturdashi, also known as Ganesh Visarjan. Jains and Hindus alike observe this day with specific rituals and prayers.
  2. There is a reason why Anant Chaturdashi occurs ten days after Ganesh Chaturthi.
  3. Those who observe or practise Ganesh Chaturthi welcome the god Ganesh into their homes for a visit.
  4. During this time, prayers are offered by followers in front of a statue that represents him.
  5. His visit ends after ten days, and prayers are offered in gratitude for his auspicious arrival and the blessings he brought with him.
  6. After that, you must lead Ganesh’s statue outside during a ceremony and submerge it in a body of water while praying to symbolise the god’s departure.
  7. Anant Chaturdashi is significant because it marks the conclusion of the day set aside for God Ganesh’s prayers.
  8. Additionally, it is a day set aside for Anant worship.
  9. Believers participate in special prayers and swear allegiance to the God Anant by tying a holy thread around their wrist.
  10. In return, the god bestows on them success and prosperity.