10 Lines On Amoeba In English For Students

  1. In an amoeba, breathing occurs through the cell membrane.
  2. Amoebas eat bacteria, metazoa, protozoa, plant cells, and other organisms.
  3. Food digestion in amoeba occurs in vacuoles.
  4. Contractile vacuoles are responsible for the removal/excretion of water and waste from the body.
  5. Amoeba reproduction is asexual in nature. Binary fission is the process by which amoeba reproduce asexually.
  6. Vannella and Platyamoeba are two important marine amoebas. These amoebae can be found in a variety of places, including seaweed fronds, coastal rockpools, and even open seas.
  7. Amoeba has been found in abundance in organic matter-rich environments.
  8. Entamoeba histolytica, canthamoeba, balamuthia, naegleria fowleri, and hartmannella are the most common pathogenic amoeba.
  9. Some pathogenic bacteria thrive and multiply in the bodies of amoebas.
  10. The amoeba is known to have a large genome. The genome of Amoeba proteus contains 290 base pairs.