10 Lines On Amazon River In English For Students

1) The Amazon River, which flows through South America, is the longest river in the world.
2) Due to the volume of water it can hold, it is the largest river in the world.
3) The Amazon River cuts through South America’s tropical woods, particularly Brazil.
4) The Amazon River has a length of 6400 km and a catchment area of 6,300,000 km2.
5) The Andes Mountains in western South America are the source of the Amazon River.
6) It drains into the Atlantic Ocean after entering Brazil with a fifth of the flow.
7) Manaus is the largest city along the banks of the Amazon River.
8) The Amazon River splits into the Maranon and Ucayali rivers in the city of Iquitos.
9) With a surface size of 7,050,000 km2, the Amazon River basin is the world’s largest river basin.
10) The river has 1100 tributaries, 12 of which are larger than 1500 km in length.