10 Lines On Algae In English For Students

  1. Algae produced half of the oxygen you breathed in.
  2. Except when we encounter disgusting, slimy scum on a pond, we rarely give algae much thought. However, algae first oxygenated the atmosphere of Earth.
  3. We would rapidly pass away if all of the algae on Earth died tomorrow.
  4. You can ingest hundreds of microscopic algae by simply swallowing one drop of ocean water.
  5. The oceans contain more algae than there are stars in the entire universe.
  6. Fish and other marine species wouldn’t exist without algae, which forms the foundation of the marine food chain.
  7. The origin of all plants is algae.
  8. Fish would never have developed into terrestrial creatures, including mankind, without plants to consume.
  9. Algae are crucial to coral reefs.
  10. Through photosynthesis, symbiotic algae that reside inside corals produce carbohydrates. These sugars meet 90% of the energy requirements of the corals.