10 Lines On Alexander The Great In English For Students

  1. Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great established an empire that spanned from the Balkans to present-day Pakistan.
  2. Abernethy went on to say that Alexander was inspirational and courageous.
  3. His capacity for big-picture thinking, planning, and strategy gave him the ability to fight too many battles even when he was outnumbered.
  4. The Granicus Battle was won by him in May 334 BC.
  5. The Battle of Issus was won by him on November 5, 333 BC.
  6. The Battle of Gaugamela was won by him on October 1, 331 BC.
  7. The Persian Gate Battle was won by him on January 20, 330 BC.
  8. Alexander had a clear vision.
  9. At the age of 20, Alexander succeeded his father, Philip II, as king.
  10.  The greatest is regarded as Alexander the Great.