10 Lines On Alexander Fleming In English For Students

  1. Penicillin was developed by Alexander Fleming, and its usage as an antibiotic has prevented countless millions of deaths.
  2. Less widely recognised is the fact that he had already made important advances in medical knowledge that could have saved many lives before making this life-changing discovery.
  3. On August 6, 1881, Alexander Fleming was born on his parent’s farm in Scotland, UK, not far from the hamlet of Darvel.
  4. Hugh Fleming and Grace Stirling Morton, who were his parents, both came from farming families.
  5. Between the ages of five and eight, Alexander attended a small moorland school with 12 students of all ages being taught in a single classroom.
  6. Aged 13 when he arrived in London in the early months of 1895. 
  7. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, written by his fellow Scotsman Arthur Conan Doyle, was released in this year. Readers were devastated to learn that their hero had perished after falling down the Reichenbach Falls.
  8. Tom, Alexander’s older brother and a medical doctor, resided with them. 
  9. Tom ended up housing the majority of the Fleming family, leaving Hugh, the oldest brother, to manage the farm.
  10. Alexander studied business and commerce at the Polytechnic School.