10 Lines On Alai Darwaza In English For Students

  1. One of the other lesser-known buildings is Alai Darwaza.
  2. It is a building with significant historical value and, along with the other structures in the complex, was named a World Heritage Site in 1993.
  3. The main entrance from the southern side of the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque in Mehrauli, Delhi, is called the Alai Darwaza, or “Alai Gate.”
  4. Sultan Alauddin Khalji, the second Sultan of the mediaeval short-lived Khalji dynasty, carved the ornate doorway to perfection in 1311.
  5. In order to express his thankfulness to God, Alauddin Khilji made the decision to expand the mosque.
  6. His plan included expanding the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque on all four sides.
  7. The Saljuqian traits, which had greatly impacted the architecture of the Khalji dynasty, served as inspiration for the geometric design of the Gateway.
  8.  The design and ornamentation of this edifice are the first in India to use Islamic architectural ideas.
  9. It is a domed doorway with inlaid white marble and red sandstone ornamentation.
  10.  The founding year is specified as either 1311 CE or 710 AH in inscriptions.