10 Lines On Aladdin In English For Students

  1. There once was a small kid named Aladdin who resided with his mother. 
  2. Another genie appears when the mother cleans the lamp with a brush.
  3. Food is provided after Aladdin and his mother make the request.
  4. Thanks to the genie’s help, they both prosper for a while.
  5. Then, one day, Aladdin decides to marry Lady Badar al-Budur, the charming sultan’s daughter.
  6. Aladdin forms a bond with the Genie and utilises his wish to transform into a prince to win Princess Jasmine’s heart.
  7. Aladdin must use his cunning to trick Jafar when he eventually steals the lamp and gives himself three wishes, in order to save his pals and the Kingdom.
  8. Aladdin and his princess coexisted peacefully for all time.
  9. Aladdin and his family were joined by the genie and the lamp.
  10.  The basic idea of Aladdin is that all of one’s power and riches originate from within. It is crucial to be authentic because, regardless of your circumstances, you are a “diamond in the rough.”