10 Lines On Air Transport In English For Students

  1. An example of air transportation is the aeroplane.
  2. As of right moment, it is one of the fastest modes of transportation.
  3. The Wright brothers created the aeroplane in 1903.
  4. They took off in the Wright Flyer, the first aeroplane, on December 17, 1903.
  5. Worldwide, aviation kerosene (QAV-1) is used as aircraft fuel.
  6. Long-distance transportation of both people and products is its principal use.
  7. The aeroplanes are propelled by the turbojet engine’s thrust.
  8. Wings, landing gear, a stabiliser (tail), a fuselage (body), and engines are all components of an aeroplane.
  9. There are various sizes and shapes of aeroplanes.
  10. Airplane travel is far more expensive than other forms of transportation.