10 Lines On AIDS In English For Students

  1. A disease known as “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” is AIDS.
  2. A virus called HIV is what causes AIDS in humans (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).
  3. The HIV virus weakens a body to the point of collapse by attacking the immune system.
  4. HIV/AIDS can spread from mother to child, through contaminated needles and blood, etc.
  5. Only specific medications can control AIDS; the disease is incurable.
  6. People who with AIDS are treated with contempt across society and are often made fun of.
  7. The insulting of those with AIDS suggests that there is a dearth of knowledge in society.
  8. The sole means of combating AIDS is by raising public awareness and promoting education.
  9. Public awareness campaigns have been launched by the government and non-governmental organisations.
  10. Various hospitals and clinics are also offering free AIDS-related medical exams.