10 Lines On Ahoms In English For Students

  1. The first Ahom king, Chaolung Sukaphaa, laid the cornerstones of the Ahoms Kingdom.
  2. This was from the Mong Mao kingdom, which was on the Indian subcontinent’s easternmost tip.
  3. He crossed the Patkai mountain range to reach the Brahmaputra valley. He was accompanied by his two sons, three queens, and a retinue of nobles, officials, and warriors.
  4. On December 2, 1228, he arrived at what is now Namrup, where he made his home among the Patkai Mountains in the east, the Dikhau River in the south, and the south bank of the Burhi Dihing River.
  5. He established Charaideo as his base of operations and made friends with the Barahi and Marans tribes that lived there.
  6. The native populace of the area was given access to the technology Sukaphaa and his group had purchased with them.
  7. Wet rice growing, which increased the region’s agricultural output, was made possible by this technology.
  8. The Ahom population steadily increased as other local residents, including the Barahi, were gradually assimilated into the Ahom way of life and polity. 
  9. The honorific Chaolung is attached to him because of his standing in Assamese history. 
  10. Sukaphaa will die in 1268 after establishing a powerful, independent kingdom.