10 Lines On Ahmedabad In English For Students

  1. Gujarat’s Ahmedabad is a well-known Indian city.
  2. Ahmedabad is the city with the most population in Gujarat.
  3. Gujarat state’s 196,030 km2 is covered by it.
  4. 53 metres above sea level is where Ahmedabad is located.
  5. In Ahmedabad, there are roughly 9,900 persons per square kilometre.
  6. Gujarati is the primary language used in Ahmedabad.
  7. Additionally, Ahmedabad is known as the Manchester and Boston of India.
  8. Ahmedabad’s current mayor is Kirit Parmar.
  9. Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station in Kalupur is the city’s primary train station.
  10. Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram is situated near Ahmedabad along the Sabarmati River.