10 Lines On Ahilyabai Holkar In English For Students

  1. Ahilyabai Holkar, the Queen of the Kingdom of Malwa (1725–1795), was a superb leader.
  2. She was born in 1725 in the Indian state of Maharashtra in the village of Chondi and is more commonly referred to as Rajmata Ahilyadevi Holkar.
  3. She was Mankoji Shinde (a member of the Dhangar community and the local patil) daughter.
  4. She received her education from her father, and she grew up leading a modest, religious life.
  5. Her future was eternally altered, and in the 18th century she rose to become the monarch of Malwa.
  6. Malhar Rao Holkar, who was then a commander in Peshwa Bajirao’s army, was captivated by the young Ahilyadevi’s morals and straightforwardness.
  7. She became a bride in the prestigious Maratha community of the Holkars when she got married to his son Khande Rao.
  8. When Ahilyabai’s husband was killed in the battle of Kumbher in 1754, she was educated in political and military issues.
  9. She asked the Peshwa to give her the authority to take charge of the region’s administration following Malhar Rao’s passing.
  10. Rani Ahilyadevi assumed control of the government in 1766 and ruled Malwa.