10 Lines On Agrasen Jayanti In English For Students

  1. Agrasen Jayanti is observed on the anniversary of the birth of King Agrasen.
  2. According to the Hindu calendar, it is on the fourth day of the Ashwin Month.
  3. Hindus celebrate it annually and take part in it.
  4. Agrasen ruled Agroha (Hisar district in Haryana).
  5. He was born near the conclusion of the Dwapar Yuga, during the Mahabharata era.
  6. His mother was Bhagwati Devi, and his father was King Vallabh Dev.
  7. Agrasen is a Kush-related descendent (son of Lord Ram).
  8. He is the ancestor of the Hindu Agarwal and Agrahari community.
  9. According to legend, Lord Agrasen was wed to 17 “Naga-Kanyas” (half human and half serpent).
  10. The 18 gotra of Agrawal is thought to be connected to Maharaj Agrasen’s 18 offspring.