10 lines on advocate In English For Students

  1. A court-appearing representative for us in the lawsuit is known as an advocate.
  2. An advocate is a person who speaks in court on another person’s behalf.
  3. After years of study, one can pursue the highly regarded career of an advocate.
  4. Around the court, we may recognise an advocate by his attire.
  5. He enters the courtroom dressed in a black coat, a white shirt, and a band that resembles a tie.
  6. Advocates are also known by a variety of other names, including lawyer, solicitor, and advocate.
  7. The way that attorneys communicate is highly distinctive; they use their vocabulary and expertise to help their clients win the case.
  8. In India, you must successfully complete your L.L.B studies in order to become a lawyer.
  9. A person must be older than 35 years old to work as an advocate.
  10. Government advocates and private attorneys are the two different categories of advocates.