10 Lines On Advantages Of Computer In English For Students

  1. Because of computers, you become more productive across the board.
  2. Large volumes of data can be stored and accessed by computers.
  3. Information kept on a computer can be used more effectively than on any other device.
  4. You may learn more about data and big data with the aid of computers.
  5. Through e-mail and social networking, computers allow you stay in touch with far-away friends and family.
  6. You may make money using a computer in a variety of ways.
  7. Once a task is finished, a computer can be programmed to repeat it as many times as necessary.
  8. Millions of songs may be stored and listened to on a computer, and if it has a disc drive, you can watch a DVD or Blu-ray movie.
  9. Computers are very reliable because of their high degree of accuracy.
  10. A computer’s tremendous speed allows humans to complete their task in a matter of seconds.