10 Lines On Abraham Lincoln In English For Students

  1. Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th president of the United States.
  2. He was born in Kentucky, in the United States, on February 12, 1809.
  3. He enjoyed reading, and he finished the majority of his education through independent study.
  4. He served in the Illinois House of Representatives before being elected US president.
  5. On March 4, 1847, he was a representative in the US House of Representatives.
  6. He had previously managed a store and served as postmaster before entering politics.
  7. He assumed the presidency of the United States on March 4, 1861.
  8. In the Civil War, he was effective in defending the Union.
  9. John Wilkes Booth fired a bullet into his forehead, which resulted to the death of Abraham Lincoln
  10. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln took place on April 14, 1865.