10 lines on Abdul Ghaffar Khan For Students In English

  1. Abdul Gaffar Khan, a devout Muslim, organized a nonviolent anti-British campaign that spread throughout the country.
  2.  Abdul Gaffar Khan was called the “Frontier Gandhi.”
  3.  In 1910, Abdul Gaffar Khan, then 20 years old, established a mosque school in his village.
  4.  He was a political and spiritual leader who was honored for his nonviolent protest when the British government forcibly disbanded his school in 1915.
  5. Abdul Gaffar Khan was forced into exile in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1960.
  6. During the 1919 Rowlatt Acts protests, Ghaffar Khan met Gandhi and entered politics. 
  7. Abdul Gaffar Khan created the Pashtun Red Shirt movement (Khudai Khitmatgar).
  8. In 1972, Ghaffar Khan went back to Pakistan. My Life and Struggle, his autobiography, was published in 1969.
  9. Abdul Gaffar Khan was adamantly against dividing India.
  10. 200,000 people, including Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah, attended his funeral.