10 Lines on 15 August in English

  1. Today, India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day.
  2. On this day in 1947, India attained freedom from British rule after a long struggle.
  3. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, with patriotic songs and dances, flag-hoisting ceremonies, parades and fireworks.
  4. On this day, Prime Minister hoists the tricolour national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi.
  5. The Prime Minister also delivers a speech from the Red Fort and pays homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country.
  6. The day is celebrated with much enthusiasm by Indians all across the world by organizing various events and activities.
  7. The day helps to remind us of the great values of freedom, unity and patriotism that our nation stands for.
  8. People also pay tribute to the great leaders who fought for the independence of India.
  9. The day is also a reminder of the importance of safeguarding our independence and cherishing the values of freedom, justice, and tolerance.
  10. Let us all come together to celebrate this day with pride and honour India’s freedom.