10 Lines Essay on Shimla in English

  1. Hill stations take us away from the hustle of cities to a peaceful environment.
  2. The cool air, calm environment, simple living, aroma of fresh soil and the feeling of being closer to the sky is the best.
  3. Some of the famous hill stations are Shimla, Darjeeling and Ooty.
  4. Shimla is a very beautiful place surrounded by hills. 
  5. Shimla is named after Goddess Shyamalais known as the “queen of hills”. 
  6. It is the largest and best known hill station in India.
  7. It is one of the most attractive tourist places in India. 
  8. A visit to a cool hill station during the summer months is a great relief. 
  9. I love to go to Shimla every summer vacation.
  10. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and Shimla is its perfect example.