10 Lines Essay on My Dream Vehicle in English for Students

  1. My dream vehicle would be modelled after the one in Harry Potter.
  2. Yes, it will be akin to Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia 105E!
  3. However, instead of it being a car, I would fashion it to be a bike.
  4. Not just any bike but one similar to the Ducati!
  5. I’ll have this bike have supercool powers of course. 
  6. Just like Arthur’s car, I’ll make it have the power of invisibility. 
  7. Again, it will also be able to fly.
  8. In addition, I’ll make it race on water as well. 
  9. Why, I’ll make it have the ability to whiz past like Ghost Rider’s Yamaha or Suzuki bike!
  10. Just like his, mine would be “flaming” too!