10 Lines Essay on My Country India in English for Students

  1. My country India is globally known popularly because of its rich heritage.
  2. There are alot of fauna and flora of different kinds 
  3. Agriculture is one of the most significant things in the economy of India.
  4. There are a mix of religions in all parts of the state.
  5. The people in my country are known for their patriotic spirit.
  6. Some states in my country are very good in business and have the top factories while some are extremely good in craftworks and others. All states have their own talents.
  7. It also has a lot of historical monuments which attracts a lot of people and tourists every year.
  8. According to the latest news of 2023, it is said that India is the top one most populous state in India. 
  9. In India, the animal Cow is very important and is considered sacred in the majority of the states.
  10.  It is very important for one to learn either Hindi or English if one were to visit my country, India.