10 Lines Essay on My Book My Inspiration in English for Students

  1. My book is my inspiration to go and lead a positive life.
  2. The book I wrote was actually written a few years back but I never had the heart to publish it.
  3. With time, I wanted to share the knowledge and wisdom even if it was raw writing.
  4. As I faced different situations in my life, that became a source of inspiration.
  5. Through the writing, it gave me more hope and more inspiration to be a better writer and a better human being.
  6. It paved the way for improvements.
  7. It helped me change people’s perspective of life which ultimately inspired me even more.
  8. It aided me to be a better writer through the criticisms that I received.
  9. My book was not at all perfect and in fact, it was filled with raw writeups and that was what it was known for.
  10. My book became my inspiration to start a journey as a writer, a journey to share and make a better society.