10 Lines Essay on My Bicycle in English for Students

  1. Bicycles have been playing a very significant transport till this very day.
  2. It was invented in the year 1817.
  3. The Netherlands is a country that is said to have made use of most cycles in the world.
  4. They are eco-friendly.
  5. The world is looking for more bicycles and is seeing the importance of bicycles in the world where it is becoming very scary due to the pollution.
  6. They are a good mode of transportation, resulting in less traffic and pollution.
  7. It helps exercise as well.
  8. There are varied types of bicycles in today’s world; both for kids and adults as well.
  9. One of the most popular bicycle brands is called Hero.
  10. The biggest and largest manufacturing brand of bicycles is known as Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.