10 Lines Essay on My Bharat in English for Students

  1. My Bharat is an old name that refers to ‘My India’.
  2. My Bharat is a land of peace, hope and love.
  3. It is filled with people of different and varied cultures.
  4. It is also a country known by many because of its patriotic spirit.
  5. It is a land filled with varied types of festivals.
  6. A land with different religions as well.
  7. My Bharat is and will always be something that I will be proud of.
  8. It has gone through the worst of battles and yet it has been striving to its fullest till this very day.
  9. It is a land known by many because of its historical significance.
  10.  My Bharat is a land rich in varieties of masalas, spices, and taste in various kinds of food.