10 Lines Essay on Muskmelon in English for Students

  1. Muskmelon is an absolutely delicious fruit.
  2. It has so many health benefits. It helps the skin, heart, and vision of the eyes.
  3. It grows best in warmer and dry regions.
  4. In India, states like Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and other warm states are known for the production of this fruit.
  5. This is a fruit that resembles the insides of a musk melon.
  6. From one plant, we can get about two to four muskmelons.
  7. It is also known as sweet melons or rock melons and is well known for its aroma.
  8. This is a fruit that falls under the Zaid crop.
  9. They really aid in digestion.
  10. Majority of the people prefer eating it raw wholesome makes delicious recipes along with this fruit.