10 Lines Essay on Municipal Cooperation in English for Students

  1. Municipal cooperation helps in uplifting and upgrading the state in many ways.
  2. The most basic function of municipal cooperation is to take care of and set rules and regulations for public street lights, and public garbage, maintaining cleanliness on the streets.
  3.  The first municipal corporation was set up in a place called Madras.
  4. The father of the Indian Municipal Corporation is the Viceroy of India, Lord Ripon,
  5. They also aid in protecting the environment.
  6. They also make sure that the interests of the handicapped are protected.
  7. They also make sure that their state or city is well up to date with proper dustbins and proper lighting.
  8. They also play a vital role in proper parking of cars on streets to avoid traffic.
  9. They also ensure proper smooth roads
  10. They play a major role in the affairs of the state with sanitization nd safety of the people as their number one motive and goal.