10 Lines Essay on Muharram in English for Students

  1. Muharram is a very important  festival  of the Muslim Community,
  2. The reason for this observance is to remember and honor one of the greatest Muslim prophets Muhammed’s grandson, Hussein Ibn Ali.
  3. This day is not considered a celebration but rather a day of sad observance.
  4. The majority of the people dress in black as a  sign of mourning.
  5. A lot of prayer meetings are held on this day.
  6. People don’t usually attend parties or gatherings like those of weddings on this day.
  7. They do not eat meat on this day.
  8. They don’t get new clothes or any new items.
  9. Hindus along with the Muslims take part on this day.
  10.  It is also a time to seek for forgiveness on this very day.