10 Lines Essay on Mud House in English for Students

  1. Mud houses are seen in rural areas. 
  2. They are also known as kutcha houses in India.
  3. This type of house is made from straw.
  4. This type of house is made from low cost. They are easy to build, unlike brick houses.
  5. A lot of mud houses will be seen especially in places like  Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.
  6. People living in hot and dry climates usually build this kind of house as it helps keep the place cool.
  7. This type of house is usually built and lived in by the poor.
  8. They are not as strong as brick houses but provide good shelter.
  9. For this type of house construction, loam soil is best required.
  10.  It can form cracks within time but can be easily repaired.