10 Lines Essay on Mouse of Computer in English for Students

  1. Doughlas Engelbart and René Sommer are the two man who are credited for the creation of this product 
  2. It is used as a pointing device.
  3. It will be very difficult for a computer to function without a mouse. 
  4. We have various styles of mouse in production in today’s world. 
  5. Logitech is one of the top brands for computer mouse and other gadgets as well.
  6. For computer users, the feeling of holding a mouse is very important and therefore a right mouse is proved to be vital.
  7. We also have wire and wireless computer mouse.
  8. It plays a vital role in pointing the cursor to the direction of our choice.
  9. It has two buttons and a scroll wheel in between of the two buttons.
  10. For computer users or laptop users, the click of the mouse is also very important.